Intel CPU performs better with AMDAPP than Intel OpenCL SDK

Hi all.

I just compared the Intel implementation against that from AMD and it turned out that my code runs faster with the AMDAPP SDK, even though I have Intel CPUs (PC and Laptop). The Intel compiler says that the kernel couldn’t be vectorized but the AMD compiler does not vectorize neiter (as far as I know). Where’s the problem?

I really don’t see how you expect them to perform identically, they are totally different products. Also you aren’t providing much information …

The only “problem” I can see from your query is that your code compiles better on AMDs compiler? Well kudos to AMD I guess!

Perhaps you could post your kernel to see how it compares across other implementations? I’ve seen plenty of disparity between the two SDKs but usually in the other direction…for example latency for the clEnqueueWriteBuffer using the AMDAPP SDK on Intel CPU is significantly higher.