Intel 82852/82855 OpenGL problems

first off, i know i can’t run the movies, as i have no hardware T&L, however i can fix that by disabling them.

now, to the problem: Intel’s not got 1.4 up yet. is there a patch, or possibly something else i can use to ‘fool’ KOTOR (since it’s the problem) into thinking i have the right version? or am i just up a certain creek…?

sorry for the double post, moderator, feel free to remove this topic, as i have found the solution in one if the most unlikely places: the Intel website. (that’s a joke…you’re supposed to laugh)

thanks anyway

Even if you could fool the software, your hardware (all Intel video chips are crap) is really designed to run Windows business software and not play high powered games.

My suggestion? Wait for the PS3 to come out and buy it. That’s what I’m going to do… I’ve given up on getting any new good games on the PC (without having to spend $$$ to get the latest and greatest video).