Intel 82810, Win XP Pro, Counter Strike and OpenGL

i got Intel 82810 Graphics Controller, Windows XP Pro, Counter Strike, when i go to the Counter strike Videos Modes, i select OpenGL Default 800x600, when i start the game it says ‘the selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card’, can i download OpenGL for XP Pro? if so where…?
plz help me

NO, u can’t. I have the integrated Intel 82810 graphics controller. It just plain out doesn’t support OpenGl. U need to buy a real video card if u want opengl to work

Xp doesnt support open robust for the intel 8010, also so you know most games run opengl 1.3 and the intel8010 isn’t capable of handleing the 3d componets of 1.3 and only that of 1.2 which you are able to download for 95 AND 98

Well ya see i got an Intel 810 chipset too and well you are wrong becuase I have counter-strike and it supports OPENGL great and 1.3 i have no idea why it does if it ain’t suppose to but it does fine and so do several other game but i have one game that at the en of installation well at the end of installation it SAYS Drivers Glide Compatible 3dFx Multimedia Card were not found on your system yet I just downloaded the open GL drivers with the utility on the site now there in the C:\Program Files\GLSETUP\Intel 180-815 folder is that were they stay or do they go in the win folde ror sumthin?

IF you have an answer please email me