Intel 810e Chipsets?!?

I have a Pentium 3 (733Mhz), 127MB RAM, and windows 98 operating system. Obviously it also has a Intel 810e Chipset as well. I play alot of games and ive always thought that my graphics card was crap and made no difference to the graphics at all, in fact i could even have OpenGL, i couldnt have Direct3D either so i had to always use software.

The other day i checked out OpenGLSetup, i ran it and found that i could now use opengl. The graphics were amazing. But does this cause any problems to my computer?
Is there a more stable way of using openGl because i know that Opengl setup has many bugs at the moment and isnt very stable.

Basicly im scared about using opengl because i dont want to mess up my computer, my screen for some reason is slightly vibrating now and if you look at it for too long you’ll get a head ache, could this be opengl??

well i think i know what you mean go 2 u’r desktop then right click and pick properties and go to settings then advanced then you should go to Adapter or maybe it could be Moniter
u should find there will be a drop-down menu u should set the Hz down so there is less radiation!
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The Intel 810e should support both Direct3D and OpenGL, and I don’t know why they didn’t work for you before.

GLSetup is just a utility to help you install OpenGL drivers. You can just as well go to Intel’s site, and download the latest drivers, which would be a good idea if your Direct3D programs still don’t work.

About the “screen vibrating”, I guess that for some reason the refresh rate was lowered. Follow OpenGL-should-care’s suggestion, and you should be fine.