Hi all,

I’ve just installed InstantPlayer from

After that I ran throuh some of it examples here .and encountered
some warnings from the console that lead to undesired display.

WARNING OpenSG OpenGL Shading Language is not supported, couldn’t find extension 'GL_ARB_shading_language_100


WARNING OpenSG No ARB_depth_texture-Extension available! All shadow modes disabled.

Has any one experienced with this???

Tien Vu

video card ?
video drivers version ?
OS ?

Here are listed some drivers :

Video card: Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset family
Driver version
OS: Windows 7 RC 7100

I have no intention to program with OpenGL in Windows (altho Ive managed to code some basic OpenGL Apps using Eclipse), I just
want to ghet InstantPlayer to run correctly.


Intel video hardware is very poor, and its driver sucks too.
Not much to do, as the driver looks quite recent.

945 will never support GLSL, so don’t get your hopes up. It’s effectively a glorified RAMDAC.

Hi all,
Thanks for your help. Ive switched to ARToolkit under Linux.
MS & Intel are driving me crazy, really :smiley:
Again, thanks for all your comments
Have a nice day,
Tien Vu