Instance extensions is different

Good day to all. Please explain me why MoltenVK demo called Hologram returns one list of Instance extensions, but when I try to get it using vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties in my application I am getting only 2 of them?

And also when I am using glfwGetRequiredInstanceExtensions it returns my MacOSX Metal instance extension called “VK_EXT_metal_surface” - But why I didn’t see it in listing provided by vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties call?

I don’t have experience on Apple OSs, but I would guess that the Vulkan loader in the SDK does not find the MoltenVK “driver”. This could be a configuration problem or an issue with how you build your application. Some things to check:

  • Have you followed the installation instructions for the SDK and MoltenVK User Guide?
  • Are you building the SDK demo application (that works) yourself or are you using a pre-built binary? If the latter, does building it yourself make a difference?
  • Is your own application built with the same settings - in particular those affecting how you link against MoltenVK - as the demo?

Have no idea why, but it works. I tried to use “Xcode with SDK Side-Install” from Lunar Getting Started and failed (((. But now I simply drag&drop MoltenVK.xcframework to my project, then adding header search setting and vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties list is now correct and I can create Vulkan instance. @carsten_neumann you were right that MoltenVK ICD didn’t uploaded and this was the main problem, thanks a lot for this idea ))))).

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