Installing opencl

Hi. I would like to install pyOpenCL, but I want to know how do I get an openCL implementation for my linux 64bit system? is there an rpm? or is there a source code which has to be compiled?

Thank you for your answer!

The OpenCL API is include on nVidia driver for example.
the OpenCL nVidia sdk is aviable for the Registered Develloper community :

I see, thank you for your answer. It’s just that i make some computer simulations and i thought of openCL as an alternative to MPI and such, so I would like to know when will openCL be available for the general public? (at least on linux)

I am also looking to install OpenCL and would like to know the steps I would have to take to be able use OpenCL with a AMD card.

@carl.alv : to obtain the linux driver + gpu sdk, you need only a registration and accept the condition of the nvdeveloper community ( . A little precision : OpenCL (or other GPGPU as cuda) are not alternative of MPI, for huge problem, you should use both (GPGPU with MPI).

@Swedish_Tiger : AMD have also recently publish a beta version of an SDK to use OpenCL : … fault.aspx

To save some the jump to AMD’s site: AMD’s release of Stream SDK 2.0 beta 3 supports OpenCL but does not make use of GPU acceleration. A list of GPUs supporting OpenCL will be released when available. A new release is scheduled every quarter.

It is at beta 4 now with GPU support…