installing glut


I am totally new to this. I want to learn opengl. I heard that its easier to start with using GLUT. Does anybody know how do I install GLUT, I have visual C++. Also, does anybody know some good tutorials(using GLUT and the ones that don’t assume good knowledge of C++). While I did some programming in C++, it was a while ago and I want to brush up on it while learning opengl.

Thanks in advance

Just copy glut32.lib to “…\lib” folder, glut.h to “…\include\gl” folder and finally copy glut32.dll to “c:\windows\system” folder.

Then when you #include <gl\glut.h>, you can start to program.


When I start a project do I have to do write anything in the project settings under the Object/Library Modules.

Using GLUT you just have to #include the header file, it will take care everthing. Of course you got to write codes