Installation of GLUT

I am new to GLUT. I need to install GLUT on Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express for use with C++. This version of C++ includes <GL/gl.h> and <GL/glu.h> in the standard library but not <GL/glut.h> for window control. So far I have tried a number of different packages (Glut 3.6 and 3.7) but after downloading had no luck installing. I found the readme files hard to follow but think installation is automatic through the make files? The book I have was published in 2013 and included a link to your website for the glut download. As such I would like to use all the same header files they use. Can someone offer a clear list of steps to download and install glut on my system (windows 7, 64/32 bit, Visual Studio 2012 Express)?

Matt Armshaw