Installation of GLUT

I’m using the GNU gcc compiler on my WinXP system. I’d like to know how to install GLUT on my system, any environment vars and paths that need to be configured so that my gcc compiler will recognize the GLUT utilities. Also, do I need to download OpenGL separately from GLUT?
Anyone in the know - Thanks!

I need to download a gcc version of the GLUT library, do a google search for it.

then place the files in the following directories:

libglut32.a // The file would look something like this

The just link the library like you would any other library in the gcc make file.

I think it would be like this: -lglut32

Another option is the free compiler DEV-C++ which is based around gcc, nice GUI interface (winXP ready) and comes with all the openGL librarys(gl,glu,glut).