Installation de l openGl sous linux

bonjour tt le monde

j aimerai installer l openGl sous linux (fedora), priere de m indiquer la ou je peux le telecharger et la procedure d’installation.

human translation from french to english :

"hello evrybody

I’d like to install OpenGL on linux (fedora), would you be so kind as to tell where i can download it and the install process.

OpenGL has several implementations, you have to ‘choose’ one.

------ software -------

------ hardware acceleration -----
nvidia video card :

ati :

other : maybe on its company website…

Is that guy writed in French ? I only know a little English .
Hehe . I think if I post some Chinese here , the forum must be more wonderful :slight_smile:


yes it was french. But something says me that guy will never come back here…

something says me that guy who writted in french might know more english than you 2 :smiley:


Haha . I visit this forum for learning two thing: OpenGL & English :slight_smile:

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