Install/register glut.dll

Downloaded the glut.dll and placed it in my WINDOWS directory. I am running XP. Have downloaded the redbook samples. It appears that those are windows executables. When I run them I get an error that the glut.dll is not found.

Does this dll need to be registered or installed?
I am not a windows user and am unfamiliar with dll issues.

  • Andy

And a follow up…
Am using mingw as my compile environment.
This has worked fine for strictly opengl stuff but when I add glut calls …
This is what I get when I try and compile the point.c example from the redbook.

$ g++ -I/mingw/include point.c -o point.exe -lglut32 -lglu32 -lopengl32

C:/DOCUME~1/e39640/LOCALS~1/Temp/ccSWbaaa.o(.text+0x1c):point.c: undefined reference to __glutInitWithExit' C:/DOCUME~1/e39640/LOCALS~1/Temp/ccSWbaaa.o(.text+0x37):point.c: undefined reference to__glutCreateWindowWithExit’
C:/DOCUME~1/e39640/LOCALS~1/Temp/ccSWbaaa.o(.text+0x53):point.c: undefined reference to `__glutCreateMenuWithExit’


Is this because the dll is not properly installed? Or am I missing a library? This seems to be the correct library order based on previous posts.

Any help is appreciated

  • Andy

“Installing GLUT on a Windows machine” reference

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