Install OpenGL program with a driver


i have a question about 3d software and special drivers.
Im working on a GL application and it behaves differently
sometimes depending on the driver versions (buggy). Is there
a way to install a software with a pack of drivers (NV/ATI)
that the application uses only? Put certain dlls into the current directory? I know you have to install
drivers and reboot and so on, but still im wondering if
there is a way.


First - I wouldn’t install an application that installs graphics drivers. What it I want another application that installs different driver version? Chaos. Not to mention I just downloaded new drivers myself.
Second, most differences caused by driver change are caused by bugs in the application itself.

I recently discovered, that my game produces some bad pixels. It turned out that I had an uninitialized variable in my fragment shader, but older drivers accidentally made my shader work properly.

Very true! Wanted to hear that.
Thanks a lot.

You can try Mesa3D software rendering if bad drivers really are the source of the problem: .

On Windows you can also drop opengl32.dll in the application executable directory, but it will not support anything newer than GL1.1.