Install openGL on Linux

hi there

i just installed my quake3 and everytime i start it, i see a opengl error.after that i downloaded python-openGL 4 linux. but how can i enable or configure it now?




i got a 3D Prophet 4500 graphiccard and i work on debian.

Python-OpenGL are simply the bindings to OpenGL from Python (so you can use OpenGL from your Python scripts). So its not what you need.

Your card is based on the PowerVR Kyro2, unfortunatly I dont think that anybody ever made an accelerated Linux driver with full 3d support for that chip (I could be wrong though).

If there is no such driver you are simply out of luck and only get software rendering which is way to slow to play Q3 or any other 3d game.

However you will find a forum that deals with “OpenGL under Linux” on this site.
Just use the “Hop to” combobox on the lower right site to jump right into it.

well i think i’ve found a driver but dunno how to install an configure it.

powervr-2.01.21-7.src.rpm is the filename.