Input/sound library....

Look… i know Opengl is primarily a graphics library… but if you could integrate say Openal and sdl into the opengl libs we’d finally have a fully crossplatform SDK to make games with… PLEASE DO THIS. it’ll make creating games much easier and would become a really compelling alternative to directx for game developers.

Why do you need to integrate it with opengl? why not just use it as separate libs? (that should give the same effect)

OpenGL is not “primarily” a graphics library. OpenGL IS a graphics library.

SDL, on the other hand, is a graphics AND input AND audio AND some-other-stuff library. So in what bizarre parallel universe does it make even the teeniest bit of sense to “integrate” SDL into OpenGL?

Compare: PLEASE make Europe a part of Belgium. It’ll make getting from place to place so much easier and would become a really compelling alternative to America for travellers.

It’s a common theme for people to want everything to be ‘integrated’, unfortunatly it simply doesn’t make sense. The field of 3D graphics is a very well defined area, as is well suited to a library of it’s own. This seperation really is a good thing.

It’s the same with Direct3D. You wouldn’t expect Microsoft to integrate input handling into Direct3D, because they have a seperate library (DirectInput) for that. The fact it has a similar name does not change the fact that it serves a very different purpose.