Initializing OpenGL

I have an Voodoo 1 card and when I make an OpenGL program (any pogram) it works only with software emulation. Is there a way to see when uses the software emulated thing or the accelerated one?
Is some code to check from my program what features has my video card and if the initialization failed?


Normal OpenGL programs can’t use Voodoo1 or Voodoo2 hardware - because they’re 3d-only cards they don’t (can’t) use the standard Windows ICD mechanism. So the problem isn’t that the card isn’t supporting the capabilities you want, the problem is that Windows isn’t linking your program to the 3Dfx driver when you run it.

If you want to use early 3Dfx hardware you’ll need to load function pointers from the DLL - I think there’s a NeHe tutorial on how to do this.