information on loading *.wrl?

Where could I get some information on loading *.wrl files?



Good starting point for a search is
Get the VRML97 Specs from the technical documentations for own developments.
Hey, actually I found a parser on

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Do you know any information on how to parse files?


Sure, but this is supposed to be an OpenGL forum, isn’t it?

I downloaded some specs and then just wrote a file parser. For some reason though when I enable culling the model gets screwed up! Is there some way to figure out which faces in VRML are supposed to be culled?

Most of the modelers don’t care much about the winding order of triangles but simply enable two sided lighting and don’t cull. Far from optimal from a performance standpoint, but as the software renderers or raytracers don’t care and most of the packages are based on some legacy kernel, it’s good enough for the main purpose of the program.
This shouts for an algorithm which corrects the orientation of polygons depending on the direction of the adjacent faces, their normals and some minimal user input.
Maya 2.0 can do such things in the program.


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