indoor/outdoor engine.., some feedback please

Hi guys

Can you please give me some benchmark on the performance of the engine ? It’s an hybrid quadtree/portal rendering.
I don’t have a clue on how the interpolation models behave on another computers because they are linked to the frame rate .,so i would apreciate some feedback.
And, if you think if it would be a playable game in your machine regarding rendering speed.

the link is:


My PC: P3 @600MHz
128MB, 100MHz sdram
TNT2 m64 32MB, latest 12.41 drivers

default settings; 80060016 etc.

frame rate outside 40-50FPS
inside 70-80FPS
animation is very choppy on gun.

When inside when near the guy FPS drop < 0.2FPS!!! at this point it sometimes also crashes or sets the player position on top on the ground?

Collision detection is a little choppy, sometimes you can walk through parts of walls, pillars, steps etc and sometimes you can look through the walls.

slightly annoying poping with the terrain.

Nice lighting and good looking terrain and sky. Well done, I had an idea like this using portals to link the outside and inside to allow windows and doors etc. Is there any AI, I saw the guy walking about??
Keep up the good work.


Ditto, sometimes the terrain popping was severe. Only other things odd I noticed were some blending errors with the flares. For example, if you stand in a position that puts a flare sufficiently close to the line of sight to one of those particle system torches, the torch become obstructed. Also I could see the background of the flare texture blending with the scene. You can completely cut out the flare background with an alpha test. My machine specs: 700 MHz Duron, TNT 6.50 Det3, 256 MB. Oh also is there a run key? The place is so huge I wanted to run around but could only walk.

I have an Athlon 600MHz, Geforce256 running det6.50 (or something like that), 128 RAM. I ran the demo in 800x600 fullscreen 32bpp, frame rates stayed around 90-100 sometimes getting to 110. One time though there was a sharp jert as i turned very quickly. There are some graphical glitches that can be fixed. All in all well done!

Thnks guys,

Tim Stirling:
I’m having problems getting the animation look good. My problem is that i lock the frame rate at 60 for 800x600, but if the computer runs slower than 60 the interpolation on the models fails completely and gets weird…
Yes, there is some basic AI, just testing some stuff.

Those blending errors happen because i’m not sorting the transparent surfaces before rendering. When i sort them, that effect should be gone. Yes, you can run with the F5 key…, not exactly run, more like hyperspace run

Pretty high fps you get., on my Athlon 900 Mhz, with a Geforce2 mx at 800x600x32 i only get around 60.

thanks everyone,


Won’t work at all for me, it just displays the loading mesage and then crashes. I have an Athlon @900MHz 256 Meg RAM and a GeForce 2MX with 12.41 drivers running Win2000.

Dont work for me. Crashes when the ‘Loading…’ message appears.

Pentium 3 600, Geforce 256, Windows 2000, 12.41 drivers, logitech mouse.

Ok, I looked at it again, and those blending errors I was speaking of can be easily fixed by disabling depth writes when drawing the flares and other transparent things. I also noticed a clipping error this time. If you stand too close to a corner inside (e.g. at inside corner at a turn in the hallway), the corner appears to get clipped by the near plane. I would either offset the bounding plane of the walls a bit more, or try pulling in the near plane (and far plane) while inside, and push out the near plane (and far plane) while outside.

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You all seem to have GeForce!

20-30 fps on my Celeron 500, Intel 2mb onboard card.

It crashes on startup (the replacement .exe also).

Win2k SP2 / GeForce2 GTS 64Mb / 256Mb RAM

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Crashes on start on a

Pentium III / 650MHZ / 256MB
Matrox G400 (latest drivers)
W2K Pro (SP1)

I’ll try some others configs later.



There is a pattern forming here, all those with win2k have it crash! Just proves my theory that every product that MS release is worse than the previous one. Take DOS, that is far better than windoze, I have a very old version of excel but it some very good graph functions but those have all been removed for excel2K and there are just hundreds of useless 3d pie and bar graphs and charts etc. We need someone with windows me to see if it is the NT side of win2k playing up.

I have Windows ME installed at home, I will check it out late tonight.

Bruno concerning the animation you may look at:

Nice article about FPS independent movement.
Should also be useful for your animation code


Tim you are right!

Tested it on a dualboot machine (ME/W2K).
While it worked unter ME it failed under W2k.

Bruno are you using inline assembler? Looks like you use an instruction that is privileged under W2K.

Anyway found the same problems as the former posters


P III / 733Mhz / 256 RD-RAM
Geforce 256 DDR
Detonator 6.50 (for ME/W2K)

800x600x32, Sound ON
Outside FPS 70-120 (average 100)
Inside FPS 100-200 (average 130)

Sidenote it runs SLOWER in 16Bit mode (around 10-20 FPS)



Hi guys…,

Tim , you are absolutely right…, so far no one thas runs it under win2k has sucessefuly run it. Unfortenly i have no ideia why…, and i’m not using inline assembler, everything is in pure C/C++.
I’m runnning under WinME, i think i will have to get win2k to see if i find out what’s wrong., or release a exe with a log file…

lgrosshennig…, you say that it’s slower in 16 bit mode…, did you disabled the mirrors ?
mirrors require stencil buffer, i don’t know about the Geforce 256, but the Geforce2MX
only supports stencil in 32 bit, at 16 bit it runs in software.

thanks everyone…,


Jeezzzzzzzz, my bad…

Looks like I could not see the wood to many trees… ;D

Somehow did not realized about the mirrors. Well yes, got the same FPS as in 32Bit now.

Bruno if you want I will check whats causing the crash if you dont mind.

If you want I can also run it through Intels IPEAK to see if there is anything related to OpenGL that can be optimized.



P3 800
256 ram
geforce 256
win 98

1024x768 /sound /32bpp /mirrors /coronas /fullscreen

115 fps looking straight up at sky
75 fps looking into the distance outside
45 fps looking at a wall outside
55-80 fps inside
28 fps looking in mirror.
6 fps looking into the yellow floating blob in the smaller outside square building.

the gun started to morph like crazy when i walked into the yellow floating blob thingy in the small square building.

being near the group of guys or the guy inside didn’t do anything to the frame rate.

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bruno, plz could you send me your code sometimes? i try to just compile it under win2k, letz find the possible bug… i dont know but i think you are in holidays yet, bad, cause if not, you could give it during the holidays…

anyways bruno, you did great job ( yep, i played it, under win2k! but i’m friend of him, and i have an other version… ), cant wait to see a more bugfree version, it looks so good. have nice holidays


guys…, thanks everyone…everyone has been wonderful testing this
Tomorrow i will be away for some time ( nice guess dave )…,
I’l talk with you guys later…,

take care everyone,