Indirect3D open project

Indirect3D will be an open project: free, open sources, anybody may join and unjoin.
Indirect3D will be a thing that helps to render 3D VCL-like components(like windows, buttons, labels, checkboxes). With Delphi-like editor that will store scene(and maybe import Delphi forms). Abstract of renderer, so it may be OpenGL, Direct3D or ready 3D engines. Abstract of platform(with portable scenes).

Main idea is to create interface, which can store objects hierarchically, tell about its properties and events, handle events or post them. Components will be stored in DLLs, that will inform about its components and provide their construction. Editor will store scenes in special files, in which information about used DLLs and components, component creation and property changes will be kept.

If it will be successful, we’ll see dialogs with holes in them with spinning transparent buttons through which comets flying at background are seen. And many other.

If there are such things already done please inform me.

We’ll start programming in a week. If you have some spare time which you want to spend on programming, you may join us. Email to I’ll be glad to see any comments, propositions, opinions.

Visit also our site at

We have not selected mouse click handling yet. We don’t know what is better - picking/selecting or collision detection. What do you think?

More information about Indirect3D at