incompatible integer to pointer conversion!!

If this error is occured, what am I do it?
Plez advise to me.

:70: warning: incompatible integer to pointer conversion assigning ‘int’, expect
ed ‘int attribute((address_space(1)))*’
resDestoffset = destoffset;
^ ~~~~~~~~~~

“resDestoffset” is __global int*… and “destoffset” is only “int”…
I don’t understand at openCL memory block… -_?

As you say, one of the variables is a pointer and the other is not. They cannot be assigned to each other just like that, so you have to give a better description of what you are trying to do.

I just send from int data to __global int pointer.

destoffset(int data) is computed in kernel source.
And then resDestoffset(__global int*) is received the destoffset data…(I want it…)

It is not error but warning.
sooner or later it is occured another error.(I think it…)

I guess you want to write to where the the pointer points and not to the pointer itself. The following code will do that.

(*resDestoffset) = destoffset;

thank you for your advise.

I just follow right now…
If another problem is occured, I write this board. Thank you.