Including glew in VC Express 2012

Hi everyone,
I have an error when I write glGenBuffers() function (ofcourse with the arguments). It is underlined red and says incomplete type not allowed. But when I right click and go to definition, it opens glew.h and shows #define glGenBuffers GLEW_GET_FUN(__glewGenBuffers). Since it shows all these it apparently recognizes those glew files. And one more thing. When I open glxew.h header file #include <Xll/Xlib.h> <Xll/Xutil.h> <X11/Xmd> <GL/glew.h> are all underlined. Can someone help me with this. I am using glew version 1.13.0 if that helps

Ok. I removed void word infront of glGenBuffers and it worked. And I also i removed #include <gxlew.h> header altogether. I did it but accidentally. So once again is this enough or is there something else I have to do to make sure this does not happen again. Particularly what is this gxlew.h

[;1280653]Hi everyone,
When I open glxew.h header file #include <Xll/Xlib.h> <Xll/Xutil.h> <X11/Xmd> <GL/glew.h> are all underlined.[/QUOTE]
glxew.h is for X11, the windowing system normally used on Unix systems. You shouldn’t be trying to use that header on Windows.