includes GL*.h

what is the difference among gl.h, glu.h, glx.h, glut.h?
in my graphics class, we only need to include GL/gl.h (and why we have “GL/”?)
From Alan.

gl is the core of the opengl functionnality like glTranslate.

glu.h contains utility functions for opengl, there are not absolutly needed. ex : gluperspective, gluBuildMipmaps

glaux.h, It use to be someking of glut, but now glut is much more powerfull. glut is a bunch of utility functions that help to manage window. That way you don’t need to write win32 functions to create a window when working with win9x or winNT.

So if don’t use any function from glut and any function for glu, you can only insert gl.h since this is the only thing you’ll need

And use gl/, because opengl headers are stored by default in the gl subdirectory of your Visual Studio include path.