include files using "I -dir" function

Could someone give a code example how I use it. Because it doesn’t work whatever I try.

I will make my question more clearer and to the point
If I have header file,which has some functions implementations in it and should be included in several kernels(I mean these function are auxilary in all kernels and I don`t want to duplicate the code)

How I make this inclusion - can I keep the functions in header?Will the kernels and the header functions be compiled?

Can you specify (maybe by example) how I use the “-I” option in these case? I am using VS2010(if its matter at all)

Note:each kernel runs in different program

You can pass “-I <path/to/includedir>” to the “options” argument to clBuildProgram(). The path has to be either absolute or relative to the application’s working path.

Alternatively, you can manually include the header file in the source code that you pass when you call clCreateProgramWithSource().