incandescent light, how?

Hi all,

I’m working on a visual system for a simulator that needs to simulate visibility in fog on lighted runways, i.e. runways with lights along the side and a centerline.

What’s the best way to create incandescent lights that will show at a further distance than the ground plane when using glFog?

Thanks for any hints, I’m really new to OpenGL, have successfully managed to create a basic scene with variable fog settings, but the lights issue has me wondering.

Set up your standard fog.
Draw normal scene.
Change settings so that the fog is less dense.
Draw only your incandescents lights.

I’m sorry if I didn’t make this amply clear in my previous post, but I don’t know how to make an incandescent light. Also, some OpenGL implementations seem to have a limit of 6 lights, but as you might imagine, a runway can have many dozens of lights. Any suggestions on how that should be handled effectively?


  • Balt

Balt, there is a difference between “lights”, which are used for calculating lighting on objects, and what you want, which is “glowing objects”. As long as you don’t mind that your runway lights don’t light the ground below them (which you could hack with textures), just set the emissive component to be very bright.

Set up yor lights as little primitive objects(or whateva) and change the color4f of them to black and red intermittingly(blinking lights)…Or whatever the color of the runway lights.

They can also reflect the existing scene lighting by using material poroperties commands.