In which DLL are OpenGL extensions stored?

This is going to be a little different.

I need to access some OpenGL extensions commands. Stop! I have the headers files already! The problem is, I don’t use C/C++.

BlitzPlus can access opengl32 directly. The way it does this is with function declaration files:

.lib “opengl32.dll”
glAccum ( op%, value#)
glAlphaFunc( func%, ref# )
glAreTexturesResident( n%,textures*,residences*)
glArrayElement( i%)
glBegin( mode% )

However, when I add this line to the declaration file, it says the command is ont found in the DLL:

Are these commands in opengl32.dll, or in another one?


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In order to use extensions your development environment must be able to load functionpointers at runtime instead of finding them at design time.

You should be able to make a ‘stub’ ( often a variable) that is a definition of the functions in/out parameters, and on runtime do something like

glActiveTextureARB = wglGetProcAddress(‘glActiveTextureARB’);


Arghhhhhh! Kill me!

So I guess what this will take is a DLL written in C/C++ to access the function pointers.

Try GLEW, most of the work seem to be already done.

If GLEW is too complex for your case, follow the links to other libs : gluX or EXTGL.

Originally posted by halo:

BlitzPlus can access opengl32 directly.

Forgive my ignorance but what is BlitzPlus?