In order to use 2 buffer threads in one filter component

Hi, everyone

We are trying to wrap up HW decoder using openMAX IL.
we had only v4l2 interface (standard in linux media) to operate HW decoder.
but, we need two separated threads to wrap it up using openMAX IL filter component.
Basically, there are two threads per one IL component such as MSG handling thread
& buffer handling thread.
I’m saying about IL component using two buffer handling threads in the one filter component.
'cause we’ve got max perf. when we are using two threads way for operating HW decoder without openMAX IL.
So, we want to try same way using openMAX IL component.
My questions are :

  1. Has there been try like 2 separated buffer handling ? <any problem, issues>
    : Comments will be greatly helpfull for us.
  2. Are there any carefully considerable things to keep max performance with openMAX IL wrapped up decoder comp. using 2 threads. ?
    : I’m concerning about any perf. degradation 'cause basic openMAX IL core structure