I’m trying to install my ‘Hitfilm’ cd on my new Hp Windows 7 Intel core i7 laptop. However it will not allow me to install it citing this error:
OpenGL version must be 2.0 or higher
OpenGLSL version must be 1.2 or higher
The monitor must be running in True colour (32-bit).

Now, im in noway a computer wiz so this has thrown me. All i know is that i bought this laptop as it was sold as a great one for video editing etc so i’m bemused at the fact it cannot install this programme. Any help would be great. Below is a a clip of the specs of my comp to give you all deeper insight.

The bad news is that you’ve got Intel graphics, which are absolute bottom of the pile (and by a very long margin) for decent OpenGL support.

The good news however is that you’ll very probably be able to get this working. How well it will work is another matter entirely (and unfortunately) but - assuming that the program itself does nothing wild or unexpected - it should work.

You’re most likely still using the video driver that came with the laptop, so the first thing to do is grab a replacement for that. Most preinstalled Intel graphics drivers have no hardware accelerated OpenGL at all.

Now, depending on your laptop, you may not even be able to install a replacement driver: some laptop manufacturers like to “lock out” the driver so that you can only use those provided by the manufacturer themselves (which will of course continue to fail to support OpenGL). Intel provide a procedure to work around this, and this is documented here:

(Link to download is also on this page, and don’t worry that the page says Vista, this will also work for Windows 7).

Many thanks for your response. I tried to follow the instructions given on the site but unfortunately i didn’t have the graphics option when going into the folders. I may have to return this laptop then, can you advise me on what laptop i should be looking at that will definately allow me to run Hitfilm.

Many Thanks

Upgrade your graphics drivers based on the manufacturer. You may have to google it and edit .inf files etc is a good site for this kind of stuff or was.