In fullscreen, i have problem with Windows menubar

In fullscreen mode, when I move the mouse in the bottom of the screen, the menubar of windows appears.( but I don’t want it). During each redrawing, I’m forcing the position of the cursor with the method ‘setCursor’ but it is not a good solution…help me please.

From your other posts do I assume that you are using glut. I think that glutFullscreen does not create a topmost window because the popup menus would not work with it. You can use glutGameMode to get a topmost window, see

Ello, my first ever post (arrrr)


I also get this problem, but I am not using GLUT, I am using the base code from NeHe’s site (can’t remember the URl, but I think it’s a well known site)

Any ideas peepz?
I’ll be mucho appreciative for any replies, cheerz

To get rid of the taskbar can you create a window that is always on top. Here is a version of NeHe tutorial 5 that shows how