Improper resource cleanup

I recently added multiple render targets to my engine, i also use 16x multisampling. Everything works fine until i quit and try to restart the app. If i enable multisampling i get a NVIDIA OpenGl Driver error dialog box that says:

The NVIDIA OpenGL driver detected a problem with the display driver and is unable to continue the application must close.

Eventhough it worked fine on the first run. At this point if i restart my pc i can get it working again, until i quit and try to run it again. So i’m guessing that by restarting my pc i’m clearing out the video ram or anything else that still might be resident so the cause of the issue is improper resource cleanup. I’ve made sure i deleted all my textures, framebuffers, vbos, vaos etc etc. And whouldn’t the driver clean up any leftovers when the glcontext is destroyed anyways?

All my buffers report that they are complete and i don’t get any glerrors.
Another note of interest is that i only get this error when i render to more than one buffer at once using gldrawbuffers and if i use 16x msaa at 1920x1080, if i use 8x msaa or lower, lower the resolution or just render to one target there are no errors.

I was using the 197.44 drivers from the nvidia developer page(first drivers that provided opengl 3.3 support). I updated the driver to the latest 257.21 6/15/10 driver and i have the same problem except that the nvidia driver dialog box now says:

Your hardware configuration does not meet the minimum specifications needed to run the application. The application must close.

Here’s some info on my setup:
Windows 7 64bit
nvidia gtx260
257.21 nvidia drivers
intel quad core 3.2 ghz
4gb ram
Opengl 3.2 core profile.

I’m creating one 16x multisampled RGBA16f 19201080 fbo with 2 render targets. Another non multisampled RGBA16f 19201080 fbo with 3 render targets for post processing and a third fbo at a quarter dimension resolution with 3 targets for further post processing.