Impossible Texture Issue?


 I believe the solution to my problem is

to write my own texture mappping routines, but I hope someone can tell me I am wrong.

 I have a materials editor that has a list of loaded materials and used textures.

I want to display the texture maps in the viewport. The effect I want is alpha blending of the texture in decal mode with the object’s color. To my knowledge this would require me to have a separate texture for each object, because while textures may be common to objects, their transparency may differ by material. Is there a way to get this effect by explicitly setting a blend
factor instead of packing the texture with
a constant alpha value?

With thanks…

Dave Eberle

Hi there!

Hm, sorry I’m not really sure if I got it, but why don’t you try the following:

Generate a texmap using the object’s color
and use mutlitexturing to combine it with
the selected texture.

Just a thought.



May the vector be with you!