Importing objects

Can I import objects made in 3DSMAX, or AutoCad or something, and use it like a normal GLUT object, or how do I do???
code examples plz…

There are lots of codes on the net that can load your objects into opengl. I saw some for obj/mtl, and some 3ds. There is also a program called 3d exploration that will convert your objects into cpp file. check it out at

Hi !!!

If you want to import AutoCAD stuffs, try to write a dxf parser. For 3DS Max, write an ASE parser.

As 3DS Max can import AutoCAD files, perhaps you should just write the second one (then you export from AutoCAD to 3DS and from 3DS to your program !).

ASE files are really easy to understand (although I never saw any official spec). You can contact me if you’ve got trouble with their format.


P.S. : you could also write your own plug-in in 3DS Max to export to whatever format you need !