Importing .OBJ with GLM


I try to import some obj objects into my opengl project. Im using Visual Studio 2005 and C++. Yes - I found many solutions and examples of how to use it. The problem is that I have lots of errors while compiling those projects.

Actually I want to use as easy code as it is possible:

//Loading the model
GLMModel* model;
glmVertexNormals(model,180.0,false);//Optional-recalculates and smooths the normals

//Drawing the model
//transformations here...

Code found here: found:

The first error I get is:

..\scene.cpp(13) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'glm-0.3/glm': No such file or directory

This is how I include glm directory in scene.cpp:

#include "scene.hpp"
#include <glm-0.3/glm>

void Scene::ThrowException(char *msg)

I also tried:


My dir:

Please help :slight_smile: I really need those obj includes and I cant handle it other way.