Importing FLT files in OpenGL

Hi, im working on a class assignment , and for this i need to import maya object (*.flt) in openGL. can any one tell me how to do it ???

OpenGL can only render geometric primitives.
So if you want to load a .flt file, you will need to either write your own flt loader, or use a library that does that for you, and then use OpenGL to render it.
If you want to write your own .flt loader, you can do a quick google to see how the .flt format looks like.


Generally .flt is an extention to a 3d model format called OpenFlightâ„¢ which is the binary format for a real-time Modeling package called Multigen Creator ( )

There are a couple of conversion programs that can read the OpenFligh format and actually produce OpenGL code of a given model



Other than that you will have to write your own loader to parse the file format and create Opengl constructs etc that relate to the files contents