Importing animations from 3ds file...

Im trying to import animations from a 3ds file, but there are some things I cant understand. How are animations stored in a 3ds file? If I have an animation with 10 frames, all the frames (object positions) are stored in the 3ds file, or I can find them stored as a matrix transformation?



Sorry to be so abrupt but i dont have the time at the mo. there have been alot of posts about this subject. here are a few liks to these posts.

I am in the prosses of making a 3ds File loading tutorial to resolve all these queries. However at the moment a cant say when it will happen. I will put up a post as soon as i have done this.


Thanks, but those are threads about importing geometry only. Im having some problems importing the animations keyframes. I found this link and will see if it can help me:

I found the way to get ‘simple’ animations from a 3ds file (rotating and moving objects). I also noticed that vertex transformations are not stored in 3ds files, do you know if there is a way to do this?

Right thing to do: ASE file format. It stores vertex animations. You can get the vertex coords and create your own format and then parse it to get the animations. A lot easier than skel. animations.

.3DS files are good to store geometry but they dont export vertex animations (AFAIK).