importing a vrml scene "in" opengl

hi all,
is there posibility to manipulate a vrml scene (defined in an existing vrml file) “in” (with) opengl and what do i need in order to do so?

any help would be most appreciated.

you can’t do such stuff with openGL.

To save Jon from pointing out the obvious I have quoted one of his previous below

This is not an advanced question, nor an OpenGL question. However, a beginner might not know this, so this answer would work well on the beginner’s board:

OpenGL is a rendering API. You deliver geometry and state to OpenGL, and OpenGL delivers pixels to the framebuffer (typically the screen).

To write an application that uses OpenGL, you have to write code to generate the geometry (typically, by setting up vertex arrays) and configuring state (typically, by enabling lights and binding/generating textures).

Loading vertex arrays from file formats, or loading texture images from file formats, has nothing to do with OpenGL, and everything to do with the specific file formats, and the specifics of your application.

I would just like to add that you can click the Search link if you want to. And you can enter the text “VRML” and then click the search button. I got 39 results when I did it.