importing 3dsmax model into my opengl app

Hi all,

I have created a 3d model in 3dsmax 4.2 for
my opengl simulation. But now i was looking for a way to get this model actually in my app. It seems this is a topic you can’t find very much on the net.
Does anybody know a URL where to start looking?


I found something which might interest you.
follow this link

and look for

24.039 Where can I find 3D model files?

I havent tried it myself. Do let me know if this helps.

There is not so much to discuss, thats why you dont find that much about it. Only animation / skinning can be tricky.
Why dont you export to .ASE, it is in text format and there you have it all.


Here is a link that might help you:

Thanks for the links, they’re pretty useful.
I think i’m going to write my own little importer
now i know the 3ds file format.

thanks guys

animation/skinning is impossible in 3DS format … You have to manually animate your character ( no skeleton animation help here ) …

There is keyframing in 3DS, but I didnt bother implementing this for my 3DS importer.

And what’s more, 3DS is a closed format so supporting it is a problem.


I like to use Spider3D to load my static 3ds files. You can get it here:

What’s really cool is that it’s open source and is always being worked on so it can become the best GDK(Game Development Kit) in the word !!!

That was a shameless plug BTW .

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