import vertex info

I want to load raw collada data to use it in my directX app. How do I do it? I am looking for functionality like…

  1. LoadColladaFile(“abc.dae”)
  2. daefile->listAllGeomtries();
  3. daefile->getGeomtry(22);
  4. geometry->getVertexArray();

This simple thing has taken my whole week. Can someone please tell me how to achieve this using FCollada or ColladaDOM?

Its easy to do it in DOM.

but DOM has problems… i imported one collada file “astroboy_walk.dae” which is created in Maya, to 3D studio Max and i exported it again… and then DOM was unable to read the Texture coordinates… since MAX Texture Coordinates are in (S,T,P) DOM can’t recognize that.

and it seems like now it even crashes …

i tried to use DOM for exporting data from it. but it seems a waste of time. so i ultimately wrote my own exporter… go for it… its worth it…