Import IGES


I’m wondering how to take an IGES file and import it to my openGL program to display it in a glut scene. Is there an API function for processing and displaying IGES files?


What’s IGES? CAD? OpenGL is a graphics API. You’ll have to find an open source library that handles IGES files, and load them yourself.

r u working with some programming language like C#, or some other. If so which?.

I am working on an IGES 5.3 import library for my 6 axis industrial robot simulation pro.

As you know (or not) IGES is very complex data exchange format. There are numbers of entity defs in it. We (especially i) have to write down which types of entities we are interested in.

Parametric curves, parametric surfaces, trimmed (bounded) surfaces, colors, levels etc.
After that i promise to help u for data conversation.

Everything have something. (It is mostly common saying in Turkey)

With chance.

Well my problem is similar to what hazman is talking about only its the reverse. I am trying to go from to make an IGES file based on the equations i have.

you mentioned data conversion, what data format is the IGES in? i cant seem to figure out units. i have solid works and everything in the API is in meters, when i save to IGES i cant tell what datatype it is.

i am trying to eliminate the need for solid works in this process and just go straight from VB to the IGES file without having to have a middle man.