Import 3DStudio objects?

I know with Direct3d you can import objects that you create with 3DStudio…is this possible with OpenGL?

Would make things hella easier!

Hi ,

As far as I now no build in support for any object file format …
But it is very easy to build some ASCII file parser so u can fill buffers with vertex and faces index …
I built a parser for *.asc file (3DStudio ASCII file) , and get all the data from this file.

post me if this tool can help u …


I coded some function that imports *.3ds objects storing vertices, faces, material, texture and texture coordinates in some array. Then you can use it to create display list, or modify geometry, etc.
If you need it, mail me (see profile).
… also there was a post in this forum, a couple of days ago, about something that does approx the same.

Here you can found a 3DS import library.
You can include in your project too…