Implications of SetWindowLong() and SetWindowPos()

what happens to my hglrc when i change window styles and/or position/size?

by styles i mean adding or removing a title bar, minimize maximize, etc.

basically i’m asking this because i’m using fullscreen (w/o change device settings), via a SetWindowLong that changes the window from an Overlapped window to a Popup and removing the title bar.

when i do this, though, everything starts going haywire.

polygons being culled (even though i’ve disabled GL_CULL_FACE after the SetWindowLong) is my biggest concern…

if you’d like an example of what i’m talking about-- the zipped exe is here ( enter for fullscreen, although just resizing will also cause the problem)

anybody know the ramifactions of changing your window settings w/o re-initializing an hGLRC?

thank you for your bandwidth

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>anybody know the ramifactions of changing
>your window settings w/o re-initializing an

I’ve found the only solid way is to delete
the old window/context and re-create them
for the new kind when switching fullscreen
or not. That’s quite fast enough, however.

Re-sizing should be handled by just calling