Implementing Collada in to Engine

hey guys

The company that i work for are using Reality Engine and have been struggling to get the art pipeline working as we would like , in the engine there is a internal binary format which is good, the problem is everything gets imported as .x or .obj and its a bit shakey in terms of importing stuff, also the team use various different modeling packages, so we think that collada would be the way to go forward.

with in the engine i know where i am going to write the code. but from collada terms i kinda lost where to start. and also i dunno if i should be using collada DOM or Fcollada?

i noticed Fcollada doesn’t support VS2005, this might be a problem as we have to use VS2005 for the Engine.

any help would be great!

Ps. Collada is looking a very nice!

Well first off you can easily compile and use FCollada with Visual Studio 2005, just follow the instructions in this thread:

Also having used Reality Engine for awhile I can assure you that it would be quite simple with FCollada and shouldn’t take more than a day or two of work. All you would do is use FCollada and load the files and than write them out in Reality’s binary format as it is a very simple format without very many features. You could also use FCollada and load the model into the engine’s internal structures and than use it’s own serialization, but quite honestly I would recommend doing it the first way.

cheers dude .

ill get onto that just now