Implementing BufferSharing

Am having some trouble setting up the buffer sharing with a video component (lets say A). There is another component (say B) that provides additional data to A (‘other’ port).

Now I have added the BS relationship between the input and output ports of A. BufferSharingIndication() within the component’s processing function is able to receive the right configuration. Given that the component A has the ports sharing buffer and an ‘other’ port, BufferIndication() is also implemented along with PropogateSharedBuffer(). I can see that only the BufferIndication() gets invoked (for data on both input port as well as the ‘other’ port). When I comment out the BufferIndication() routine, PropogateSharedBuffer() is called for the input port. and in this case am no longer able to handle the data coming on the other port.

Intention of the component is to merely work on the video frame in place with the help of some data that arrives at the other port and pass the same buffer to output port.

How should I go about handling this scenario ?

p.s: If this has been answered before on this forum (although i have checked) please do point me to it.