implement chroma key


how can i implement chroma keying with GLSL

(I’m using HSL color space but it doesn’t work good. and have some problems. any body can help me and offer a nice algorithm)

Good-looking chroma key is not easy, even with specialized professional tools.

Please first define what does not work, and how you expect it to work.

Some clues :
HSL color picker.
Separate H, S, L threshold values.
Desaturation curve slope.
Alpha curve slope.
Dilation/erosion/smoothing of the keyed region.

I can “offer a nice algorithm” for a price :smiley:

my problem is with glass and edges.
some of the edges have some green color (specially edges with yellow color)

Are you sure the green on those edges is not actually present green being reflected from the backdrop?

Having lit green screen situations, that is very very often the problem.

Glass is just a horror show, good luck with that.