ImageRenderer VS BoxRenderer

Greeting to all.
We are using 2 Classes for displaying images and boxes in an augmented reality program. The cube with BoxRenderer is displayed fine over the Camera but the Imege displayed with ImageRenderer is not displayed. Is there a way to display it on top?

This is very little information for us to bounce off of. As a guess, is it a bad blending mode?

Thank you for the quick reply.
I cannot upload the files and links are not allowed here in order for you to check them.
Is there any other way to share the code?

Not really. I’m pretty sure you can tell us the general pipeline of your renderer, though.

Unfortunately these are ready java classes for android that we found online. The BoxRenderer class is provided by EasyAR, an Augmented Reality library.Could you at least point me to the right direction in order to search why BoxRenderer is displaying something correctly while ImageRenderer is not?

It could be a lot of reasons. You might be rendering into a non-displayed context, rendering offscreen, not rendering anything at all, having no lights, no materials, might have blending issues, you might not be checking any errors, you might forgot to bind some objects, not using properly the API you are using, or this API being obsolete…
I believe it’s a combination of most of these.

I forgot to mention that the project we had was working fine but due to adjustments in the augmented reality library and specifically in an GLView file, the ImageRenderer and ComplexObjectRenderer class are not working anymore, meaning that they are not displaying any context. The provided class BoxRenderer with tha augmented reality library works just fine. I believe it is just a display issue but I have no knowledge of OpenGL.