Image texture affect on opengl animation speed


I have created an opengl project with 3 image textures and a key function for switching between textures and wireframes. My animation runs just fine when it is in wireframe mode but when switched to image textures it becomes slower and slower. If I turn on more than 1 texture it seems hardly moving.

This is the texture view where I have placed a sky image on a cylinder and a sea image on a disk.

What should I do to make the animation faster and smoother? Please help me out.

I’m not sure what you expect here. You’ve told us almost nothing about how you are rendering your scene (whether you’re using a CPU software OpenGL context or a GPU accelerated context, how many tris, what draw method, screen resolution, frame buffers, post processing, shaders or fixed-function shading, etcetc.).

Please see The Forum Posting Guidelines for tips on composing a post that is much more likely to get you useful feedback.

Also, run this:

and tell us what you see in the ImplementationImplementation details section.