Image, not texture, loading

I want to load an image compressed with information I want to use in a shader. Since the image is not intended as a texture, I do not want to use it with filtering, mipmaps or address modes. I just want a plain image loaded into the shader to read. How should I achieve that?

Access the image through the Storage Image descriptor.

You can just turn off filtering. You can even use texelFetch if you want to work in integer texel coordinates.

I do want to use integer texel coordinates.

I tried to turn off filtering, and all that I mentioned above yesterday. But it didn’t work. I think one of my problem is that my image was upside down. However, I couldn’t be one hundred percent sure, since the image is actually compressed data, so it’s visually difficult to tell. I wonder what is a valid way to flip an image vertically, so that I just need to check the final result to see if that is the problem or the only problem.

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