Image Distortion ( No Texture )

I seem to have a weird problem.
I created tubes ( 2 cylinders, 1 outise 1 inside, and disk on both end ). We I rotate the model and some tube became a little bit behing the other, the image start to distort like is all tube were splitted in many section, and they overlap one another.

GL_DEPTH_TEST is on, no texture, glColorMaterial is ON bad I can’t place a picture, cause it would be a lot easier to explain.

that might help

Yeah, I tried that, didn’t help. Thanks anyway. I found my problem. My znear value in the gluPerspective call was too low. I used 0.1 as znear, then I read somewhere to try 1.0 instead, which I did.

Corrected my problem. Seems that using 0.1 as znear is causing some imprecise Z Calculation. Or something like that