Image Debugger to assist with Shader Debugging

I made a small tool to assist with printf style debugging of shaders.

Some features:

-Debug multiple images at the same time.
-View images with greater as one byte data per channel (e.g. floating point, int32 etc)
-Easy to use XML format for above mentioned images/buffers
-Open source

The latest version can be found here:

You can either get the source (c++/cli) trough git, or download the binary from the downloads section.

Any comments positive or negative appreciated

I assume that your application is some sort of standalone viewer with functions to do dumps of the current frame buffer?

I am having a hard time understanding what you mean by printf style debugging of shaders.

Yes exactly, however it won’t grab the framebuffer for you.

You need to dump the buffers to disk yourself, then create/generate a small XML header file to describe it’s contents. After which the buffer can be displayed in the debugger. Two example XML files are included with the binary. Also if you are not using HDR buffers, you can dump to e.g. PNG or GIF and load them in directly.