Image Capture

Does anyone know of a program that will allow the conversion of the data in an OpenGL frame buffer to a file?

I’ve tried ksnapshot, and it doesn’t seem to like grabbing OpenGL images.


I’m not sure what ksnapshot is, but if you want to do it programmatically, just do a glReadPixels and dump the data to an image file format. If you don’t mean programmatically (as I suspect could be the case) just do an alt-Print Screen, then in any program like Photoshop (or even Paint) just copy the contents of the clipboard to an image.

Does anyone know if alt-print scrn works for linux?

Not to my knowledge, although I’m sure you could set it up to use ksnapshot, or whatever.

Incindentally, I’ve never had trouble using ksnapshot to capture the screen, GL or no…


When i try alt & printScreen and past it i get a load of crap dose any one know why


see the BGR extension (though its now part of 1.2) demo on my site. it saves the buffer to a targa file