Image-based rendering

I am new in this community. I am trying to know if a image-based rendering in real-time is possible with OpenGL. And if positive, how many images are needed.

Image-based rendering actually has nothing to do with OpenGL. Sure, you can use OpenGL to render your scene but it certainly isn’t going to handle disocclusion or anything like that for you.

Image-based rendering is a field of research and questions like ‘how many images are needed’ depend completely on the scene and the viewer’s degree of freedom for viewing angles, etc…

IMO image-based rendering isn’t the way to go for rendering entire scenes. There are all sorts of issues that as of yet don’t have a solution.

There are many different types of image based rendering, some are very successfully used by OpenGL based rendering systems.

Look up Impostors and IBR + OpenGL on google. There’s a lot of information out there.

Try this for starters: